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PRD 14.04 Text Amendment


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PRD 14.04 Text Amendment


The Planned Residential District 1 (PRD-1) and Planned Residential District 2 (PRD-2) are
Planned Unit Development (PUD) Districts adopted pursuant to Ohio Revised Code
§519.021(A) and are intended to provide flexibility in the development standards for primarily
single-family dwellings in designated suburban areas based on a unified development plan.
However, within that flexibility the developments under the PRD-1 and PRD-2 PUD Districts
must adhere to the adopted regulations and standards found in Sections 14.04.E-14.04.J for
PRD-1 and Sections 14.04.K-14.04.P for PRD-2.
The PRD Districts are intended to achieve the statutory purposes of §519.021 of the Ohio
Revised Code for Planned Unit Developments, “promoting general public welfare, encouraging
the efficient use of land and resources, promoting efficiency and providing public and utilities
services, encouraging innovation in the planning and building of all types of development, and
promoting the public health, safety and morals.”



“PRD 14.04 Text Amendment,” Jersey Township Archives, accessed May 30, 2023,

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